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We love being creative with our clients

We leave nothing on the table when it comes to developing ideas and concepts that inform and entertain. We bring the expertise and the passion to create outstanding imagery and passionate story telling to make a difference to our client and better their bottom line.


What do you get when you get an Elvis impersonator and and AC company together? will you get a spot about being cool of course. We built a set and dressed it on location and we were able to do three spots in one day.


Bringing the entertaining side to risk management insurance was no easy task with a tight budget and a great concept we were able to entertain and inform about the upside of Risk management, increasing enrollment in the program at SCF.


A leader in military antennas Hascall-Denke
wanted to have a showpiece at their next trade show that highlight the technology behind their products. No one better than Bond to deliver on the tech, with the right set dressing and actors we were able to deliver Bond and Q at Q’s Lab.


PGA national resort and spa needed a commercial to highlight the challenge of the bear trap. Well a few beers at the bar later with the marketing director I said, “Why don’t you just get a real bear to show off the bear trap? And just like that, I was directing a bear… sorta. They do what the want.


“We need to make PGT’s Pouch Burst Tester look cool…and with a limited budget,” said the client. A few minutes later brainstorming with Mars Vision, the astronaut concept was hatched. Shot and posted the same week, it was a sales associate favorite and this video was responsible for moving three times the inventory from the month before!

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