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Studio Capabilities - MarsVisionProductions

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Studio Space and Capabilities

These are the things we can do at our Studio

Studio Capabilities

Green Screen

Our turn key green screen can be ready in just minutes. Deploying our green screen is quick and efficient . Careful attention to lighting is the key to a great “key” let us be your solution for green screen production

Gear Rental

From c stands to dollies to 18-foot jib arms HMI lighting, LED Astras, Kinos, Arri Sky Panels , 4K HMIs, Quasars, Generators, 2.5 ton grip trailer. Well we have what you need

CYC wall

Need to to do some high fashion or any other production on white? Our sweeping 24’ Hard CYC makes for a great look, with 6000 watts of installed CYC lighting we will have you up and running in no time

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