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Award-winning video production for advertising campaigns, television commercials, websites, documentaries and narrative films.


Tools of the visual craft

Sony F5 with 4k upgrades • Canon DSLR • Canon L Lenses • ARRI Lighting • 4k HMI • Kinoflos,• Lite Panels • EZFIX Jib • Chameleon Dolly •2 Ton Grip Trailer • ATEM Switcher • Multi cameras • and more!

Full Studio is Ready for You

2000 sq. ft. of shooting space • 24,000 watts of power • 24’ CYC wall • Instant green screen • 9000 watts of CYC lighting • Green room/conference • 12′ overhead door – ground level


Make a true impact with dramatic aerial videos, adding blockbuster-style production values to your project. Epic opening shots create a true sense of place and scale. We fly inside and outside from factory production lines to car dealerships.

Video Production Services

Commercials • Web videos • Corporate videos • Trade shows • Events • Training videos • Testimonial videos • Resort marketing • Google street view • Google 360 video • Real estate videos • We are a full-service Media Production company.

LIVE Production Services

Outdoor events • Multi-camera coverage • Stream professional quality feed to Facebook, YouTube and other social platforms • Simulcast to multiple pages and sites • Live studio shows • Social interaction

Behind the Scenes

“I am responsible for everything I put in every frame I shoot and edit, It’s simple really. My job is to help tell my client’s story, and every one of those stories has to end the same way, with my client being happy with the finished product.”
Mars Vision Productions 4376 Independence Court Sarasota, FL 34234
Mars Vision Productions

Mark Palmer is an award-winning photographer, cinematographer, director and producer who has been working behind the camera for more than fifteen years. He believes excellence in video goes beyond utilizing the best gear, placing an emphasis on creative storytelling, connecting with the audience on an emotional level, and presenting the craft in innovative, even astonishing ways. Known for his skillful command of light, sound, and presentation, Mark’s level of professionalism exceeds industry standards, yet his laidback style runs in juxtaposition to the egos sometimes associated with Hollywood filmmakers.

Specializing in video production and still photography, Palmer’s independent approach on creative projects is built on one principle:

“He’s determined and committed to get the client’s final message on the screen, just the way they want it.”

Credits include various regional corporate projects as well as award-winning films, recognized with Best Florida Film (Director, 50 Words), grand prize winner in the Viral Film Project, Best Story Award (Devotion) in 48-Hour Guerrilla Film Challenge, and for his work on the award-winning PBS documentary series, Diamonds Along the Highway.

A Sarasota-native, Palmer graduated from Valencia Community College with an AA degree in Motion Picture, then went on to earn a second AA degree from Daytona Community College in Still Photography. After college, Palmer moved back to his beloved Sarasota. While he’s long been a resident of the area, some would argue he’s most at home in an editing suite or behind a camera.

Tell your story today

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